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Margaret P. Moss

Prior to her consulting work with CPHV, Ms. Moss worked as an Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Unit of the Maine Department of Attorney General. As an Assistant Attorney General, Ms. Moss prosecuted several civil rights or hate crime cases, including one of the first successful cases involving gender-based discrimination. Ms. Moss also conducted student and faculty trainings and served as a community advisor to schools involved in the Attorney General's Civil Rights Team Project.

Ms. Moss is a graduate of Princeton University and the Washington College of Law at American University, where she received recognition for courtroom advocacy and for her work on behalf of juvenile justice.

Elizabeth A. Sweet

Ms. Sweet has been involved with hundreds of schools, companies and governmental agencies doing work on tolerance, respect, civil rights and the prevention of sexual harassment. She was the former Executive Director of the Maine Women's Lobby, the Maine Commission for Women and worked with teenagers in the Aspirations Project at the University of Maine. With Steve Wessler, she founded the Civil Rights Team Project of the Attorney General's Office in Maine. There are currently 153 teams involved in the project. She lobbies during the legislative session for a variety of non-profit social service groups including the elderly, childcare, mental health and alternative health care practitioners. At the Maine Commission for Women Ms. Sweet wrote and shepherded the nation's first Family Medical Leave Act through the state legislature where it became the model for national legislation.

Ms. Sweet is a graduate of Colgate University.

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