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Taina Mirach-Jack,Trainer and Media Project Coordinator. Tai began as a freelance trainer for the Center in August 2005, contributed to the Center's GLBT report, and joined the staff in December 2005. Tai is a Senior Trainer who assists in the review and development of new curriculum and conducts trainings, Climate Assessments and critical research for the Center. She has significant training experience with students and teachers from elementary to college level in locations all over the country. Tai works extensively with schools that participate in the Center's Unity Project. Recently she customized and facilitated bullying prevention workshops for 120 fourth grade students at Marshwood Middle school in South Berwick, ME.

Previously, Tai worked as an associate producer in the film and television industry.  She produced an award-winning short film that she turned into a diversity workshop and facilitated in select cities in Maine, where she gained significant experience and strength in training and public speaking.  She graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, with a BFA in Film&Television production.

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